Standard onbody print on cassette

Artwork template for standard onbody print: PDF / INDD / PSD


One colour print (1/1)

    Most common UV print
    For editions starting at 50pcs
    BLACK, WHITE and CLEAR lacquer print
    Printed on Mimaki UV printer in high resolution 600x1200 dpi
    ONE color print files should be VECTOR or Monochrome BITMAP (1-bit)
    If you would like the on-body print in WHITE color, please keep the design in 100%M (MAGENTA) and note in your order that the final print should be in white color

Full colour print (4/4)

    For editions starting at 50pcs.
    Full-Colour print.(CMYK+W+Clear)
    Printed on Mimaki UV printer in high resolution 600x1200 dpi
    White Colour base print is needed. CMY colours are normaly semi-transparent

PAD print

    Super high resolution printing
    For editions starting at 300pcs
    BLACK, WHITE, RED, YELLOW, GOLD, SILVER and any mixture regarding your referece
    Printed on semi-automatic PAD printer
    Printig files has to be VECTORs or Monochrome BITMAP (1-bit)

Full color UV print and white base layer

Bringing a modern touch, UV LED printing entails solidifying CMYK prints using UV light. With vibrant full-color designs that cover the entire cassette shell, this method adds a top-notch edge to music cassettes. While using semi-transparent CMYK colours directly on the shell, some designs require a white base to enhance visibility. This base can be applied wholly on the side of the cassette (but not on the edge, yet ink residue may appear there on the fully printed cassettes) or selectively beneath the artwork.

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