How to prepare audio master files

Conditions for acceptance into the production of audio materials:

Digital files are preferred in WAV (PCM, 44,1kHz/16bit) audio format.

Sound master files should be exported in two tracks for each separate side of the cassette => artist_title_side_A.wav + artist_title_side_B.wav

If you don't know how to export songs into two tracks. Leave the songs in separate folders for each side of the cassette.

The folders naming structure should be like this >
LABEL_CATnr_Artist_Title_AUDIO / CATnr_Artist_Title_SideA / 01_Track-name.wav

All audio master files have to be ZIPped (or RARed) in one package and shipped via our myairbridge.

Sources for cassettes manufacturing could be digital files (WAV, MP3, MD, DAT) or analog formats (cassette, reell-2-reel, vinyl).

Recommendations for mastering engineers

Do the cutoff of the low frequnecies bellow 20Hz.

Don't push to high the levels of high frequencies. When they are oversaturated their harmonic distortion appears.

Leave 1 second of the silence at the beginign of the audio program on each side.



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