Freqently asked questions

Since complete files and payment received your order is included in our production queue and manufactured approximately in 2-3 weeks. We are boosting up our production capacity to meet your expectations.

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We will send you the payment (proforma) invoice when audio and print files checked and confirmed by us.

No. We are using high quality Digital bin master machine in combination with Dolby HX Pro recording system and the quality is reaching its maximum. We recommend only to use Dolby B/C/S for home recording when you are recording and playing the cassette on the same deck.

Ferric cassette tape is manufactured as thin plastic film coated with a magnetic layer of ferric oxide (Fe2O3). Professional-grade tape is shipped on large pancakes (similar to reel to reel tapes) or wound into cassette shells as pre-recorded or blank tapes. Chrome tapes are coated with a magnetic layer of fine ferromagnetic particles of chromium dioxide (CrO2). We have really limited stock of Chrome tape, and it is no longer manufactured anywhere in the World. We don't duplicate on Chrome tape.

We can load C-90 cassettes. That means 45 minutes of the music per side.

On-body printing method is color applied directly to the surface of your cassettes. Adhesive onoby labels are white paper labels which are digitaly printed and then hand-assembled to the cassette shells.

Yes, we can digitize your analog master media and duplicate tapes from digital master. Also it is possible to manufacture pure analog cassettes directly from the magnetic master tape.
Audio cassette duplication starting at 50 units.
Restoration and digitization of analog master tapes.
Useful accessories for tape handling.

Cassette shells

Black solid cassette
Blue arctic clear cassette
Blue clear cassette
Blue light solid cassette
Blue navy solid cassette
Blue solid cassette
Brown clear cassette with black inlay
Brown marble solid cassette
Brown solid cassette
Clear cassette
Clear cassette with black inlay (WLD)
Clear cassette with blue inlay
Clear cassette with gold inlay
Clear cassette with green inlay
Clear cassette with red inlay
Clear cassette with silver inlay
Fosfo green cassette with black inlay
Fosfo green cassette without black inlay
Fosfo orange cassette with black inlay
Fosfo pink cassette with black inlay
Fosfo pink cassette without black inlay
Glitter blue cassette
Glitter gold cassette
Glitter green cassette
Glitter red cassette
Glitter silver blue red cassette
Glitter silver cassette
Gold solid cassette
Green bottle solid cassette
Green clear cassette with black inlay
./images/cassettes/new_7_vroubky_army green_4.jpg
Green forest solid cassette
Green light solid cassette
Green pistachio solid cassette
Green solid cassette
./images/cassettes/new_grey_army copy.jpg
Grey armor solid cassette
Grey graphite solid cassette
./images/cassettes/new_18_sametove seda_1.jpg
Grey sandy solid cassette
./images/cassettes/new_21_vroubky_sametově seda_1.jpg
Grey solid cassette
Orange solid cassette
Pink clear cassette with black inlay
./images/cassettes/new_19_hladka_smetanově ruzová_3.jpg
Pink pale solid cassette
./images/cassettes/new_11_vroubky_světle ruzova_2.jpg
Pink solid cassette
Pink-Blue solid cassette
Purple clear cassette
Purple clear cassette with black inlay
Purple dark solid cassette
Red clear cassette with black inlay
./images/cassettes/new_8_vroubky_červeno oranžová_5.jpg
Red coral solid cassette
./images/cassettes/new_24_hladká červená_2.jpg
Red solid cassette
Silver solid cassette
Turquoise solid cassette
White bone solid cassette
./images/cassettes/new_Z_b_matně bíla na bílé_1.jpg
White ice clear cassette
White solid cassette
Yellow solid cassette

Cassette cases

All-clear case with pins
All-clear case without pins
Black-clear case with pins
Blue transparent-clear case with pins
Blue-clear case with pins
Double flat all-clear case without pins
Double flat black-clear case with pins
Double-decker black-clear case with pins
Gold-clear case with pins
Green transparent-clear case with pins
Green-clear case with pins
Paper O-cards B&W printed
Paper O-cards color printed
Red-clear case with pins
Turquoise-clear case with pins
Yellow-clear case with pins
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