How to prepare print files

Conditions for acceptance into the production of graphic materials:

All graphics should be in PDF format.
–> Standard: PDF/X–1a
–> Output profile: FOGRA39 (CMYK)
–> J CARD graphics should be WITH bleed area

–> Name your files with the unique names. For example: catalognumber_artist_title_4panel_44_100pcs.pdf

–> LABELSprint files should be WITH bleed around & inside each label! but NOT around the document.
–> ON-BODY – ONE color print files should be VECTOR or Monochrome BITMAP.
–> ON-BODY – If you would like the on-body print in WHITE color, please keep the design in 100%K (black) and note in your order that the final print should be in white color.

–> Please respect the dimension of the template document file. Don't scale it! Don't crop it! Don't split it!

–> Export one version with guidelines and second without them !
–> Send all data in one package (rar/zip) via wetransfer


If you can not meet above requirements, please send us all the source files. –> files in layers + pictures (psd, jpg, png, etc.) + fonts (OTF, TTF, etc.)
We offer graphic design services and we will help you to finish the artwork.

Advanced guidelines for processing graphic data:
–> Image resolution should be at least 400 dpi - But 600 dpi is recommended
–> Raster (pictures) and vector (curves) objects in the CMYK color model (do not use RGB)
–> Leave at least 3 mm bleed around the trim edge of the artwork.
–> Outline all texts or include the fonts
–> Do not use transparency
–> All vector objects leave as a vector (do not rasterize them)
–> Place text or logos at least 2 mm from the edge; for this zone there is a danger of cropping
–> Texts in small sizes (<5pts) and narrow fonts may not be printed correctly

1/0  One-sided black and white print
1/1  Duplex black and white print
4/1  Duplex print (one side in color, other black)
4/4  Duplex color print


Weight of the paper we use for J-cards printing
3-panel = 250g
4-panel = 200g
5-panel = 200g
6-panel = 200g
7-panel = 150g
8-panel = 150g

Bleed area
Bleed is an area with extended background artwork beyond the trim line. It’s the area trimmed off after the printing.

How to set a print Bleed in Adobe InDesign

Safety margin
Safety margin works like bleed but it covers area inside trim lines. All important elements like logos and text layers have to be kept 2mm from the trim line in case of slight moves of paper or the cutter.

Templates for your graphics

J card – 3 panelspdf / idml / indd

J card – 4 panelspdf / idml / indd

J card – 5 panelspdf / idml / indd

J card – 6 panelspdf / idml / indd

J card – 7 panelspdf / idml / indd

Double J card – 3 panelspdf / idml / indd

Double J card – 4 panelspdf / idml / indd

On-Body printing + Adhesive Labels printing (for sending the print files to HDT)pdf / idml / indd

Adhesive DIY labels (ONLY for homemade printing. Please don't use this template for sending the files to us!)pdf / indd

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