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full_onbody_UV_print_01 full_onbody_UV_print_01
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Artwork Requirements:

Print files are accepted only in our templates

Please respect the dimensions of all TEMPLATE files. Don't scale them! Don't crop them! Don't split them!

Export one version with guidelines and second without them. Please do this for all printing files!

All graphics should be in PDF format >>>

Name your files with unique names. For example: catalognumber_artist_title_4panel_44_100pcs.pdf

Send all data in one folder (rar/zip) via MyAirBridge

If you are unable to meet requirements stated above, we offer graphic design services and we will help you to finish the artwork.

Advanced guidelines for processing graphic data >>>

1/1 = Duplex (both sides) black and white print
4/4 = Duplex (both sides) color print

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